Our Day

We don’t follow a strict timetable here at Carol Jane Nursery. We have five groups (split by age); Sunflowers and Poppies are our eldest children and these two groups spend a lot of time moving around the nursery together. Bluebells, Daisies and Buttercups are our younger groups and they spend a lot of their time in various areas together also. Below is an example of ‘A Day in the Life’ of our children.


08:00: Some of us start our day at Nursery having breakfast with our friends, others arrive by 9:15am.


08:45: We split into our groups with our key person… some of us enjoy free play in the gardens – which includes playing café’s or riding on our scooters and bikes, whilst others are in the library or playroom choosing which fun activity they want to do.


09:30: Some of us get busy in the main building enjoying arts & crafts, small world play or sensory/messy play in the playroom whilst others enjoy circle time in the library. We work with the Montessori equipment, practice our phonics and numbers, or use our incredible interactive smart board and computer. Others get time in smaller groups and explore fun resources – we learn important skills, without even realising!


10:15:  We enjoy a snack and drink within our groups and enjoy sitting together for a chat.


10:30: We then go to the log cabin to have even more fun: exploring all parts of our soft play area, or being imaginative in the sand pit. Some of us enjoy the science and nature equipment, or the gardening facilities, whilst others may get supervised woodwork lessons.


12:00: At lunchtime it’s great to chat with our friends and the grown ups, whilst enjoying our yummy packed lunches.


12:30: We love playtime outside, where we may have time with children from other groups. We love pretending to be pirates on our pirate ship, or dressing up to perform shows on our stage, or even play in our playhouse together. Some of the younger children have a sleep in the library after their lunch.


13:15: Sometimes we split back into our groups doing one of the above activities in one of the areas that we didn’t get to enjoy in the morning. We may use our bikes/cars in the driveway, or do a PE-related activity.


14:15: We have another snack break, followed by a planned afternoon activity, such as music/story sacks or song time before heading back outside to the garden, ready to get picked up to go home by 3pm.


We run Forest School sessions throughout the year, which is an extra activity the children love to do. Children also regularly access our extended grounds, feed the pony and goat, pet the rabbits and explore the nursery’s woodlands with their key person. Another variety to the day may be a parent/grandparent coming in to do a specific activity with a group.


The above is just an example of a typical day for our children. This varies according to the weather, planned activities chosen, and the materials/facilities the children want to use. It is a snapshot of what your child may be involved in, but is by no means a timetable that they are expected to follow.


Water bottles are carried to each area the children are in, so they have drinks accessible at all times.




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