“You have been a light in Christopher’s life. You’ve given him confidence and shared his laughter and I hope we will always remain friends. Thank you for everything.” – K Davies


“From the moment he started, he loved every moment. He is a little boy who loves learning and attention, and he received that constantly. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff and Carol, and the love they give to all the children.” – S & P Rankin


“How do I begin to express my gratitude to all the staff at Carol Jane Montessori… for laying foundations for school to build on. All the staff here manage to combine everything a child needs at nursery, including lots of love and attention.” – F Garner


“…The amazing team at Carol Jane have watched over him, cuddled him, soothed him and provided a safe haven for him, a real home away from home. I think back with amusement to the early days when it was so difficult to surrender trust of caring for my firstborn to anyone else, particularly given Sam’s allergic reactions and potentially severe health risks. It didn’t take long to realise that we could never have made a better choice than Carol Jane Montessori Nursery. You have made our hearts rest easy over the last two years with full confidence that he would be well taken care of and kept out of harms way. As a result there are no anxieties around childcare for our second son Isaac.” – Dr A Taylor-Cummings


“I cannot thank you enough… for keeping my precious boy, not only safe, but also for providing him with an environment that has allowed him to play, grow, learn and be happy in for the last two years. I will be eternally grateful and you will always be a part of our lives.” – C McLaughlin


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